Our Cigarette Manufacturing Facilities are Un-Matched with State-of-the-Art Production & Automation Systems

Un-Matched Cigarette Manufacturing Capabilities

Gulf Tobacco is a Leading Cigarette Manufacturing Company in Tobacco Industry. Our Strong Legacy of Crafting the Finest Cigarettes shapes our approach towards maintaining the Highest Standards of Quality. We make a Wide Variety of International and Local Cigarette Brands and each Brand has its own Unique Recipe. We Select Tobacco, according to Specific Blends and Leaf Grades to maintain the Consistency and Special character of each Brand.







Premium Quality Tobacco


We achieve Success through the Quality of our products. As a company, we try harder to prove our standards exceed those set by our industry and those expected by our consumers. Quality begins with the Sourcing and Selection of the Perfect Ingredients. Our State of the Art Factory is evidence of our commitment. We are able to ensure the manufacturing standards which we achieve and surpassed through investment.

The Highest level of Quality Control and Testing is built into each and every step of Manufacturing. Processed Tobacco, received at our plant in a Cut Form is closely examined for Quality Parameters such as Consistency of Cut and Moisture Content.

Only Tobacco that meets our Stringent Quality Benchmark is allowed to proceed to the Cigarette Manufacturing Line. A rigorous Three-Step quality assurance model is in place to minutely check out process.

Firstly, each element of a Cigarette is automatically monitored by the Manufacturing line for optimal quality values. Secondly, a team of Quality Inspectors manually examines a Cigarette in different stages of production every 30 minutes. Finally, the Quality Testing Module scrutinizes Cigarette samples in the dedicated Quality control laboratory.

Tobacco Craftsmanship


Product Excellence begins with the Right Ingredients. There are over One Hundred and Twenty Varieties of Tobacco and many different Grades, each delivering Unique Taste cues. It is the Role of our Buying team to Carefully Source the Highest Quality Leaves and Rare Tobaccos from accredited global growing regions.

Our Master Blender then selects from these different Ingredients to Craft and create our Unique Range of Cigarette Brands. Working together with our Technology Experts, he balances the Blend with the Filter to define Smoking Experience relevant to Consumer needs. It is a Process that requires both Science and Artistry to Harmonize and Consistently Deliver Quality.

Having defined the Product Ingredients and Materials, Our State of the Art Primary and Secondary Factory Ensures Quality is Consistently Assured.

As Buyers of Tobacco from International Sources, we are able to maintain the Stock capacity of different Grades and Varieties. These Stocks can be accessed for Preparation and Production by Customers of Private Label Cigarette.


Authentic, Affordable and Meaningful

Innovation is a Center Pillar for Gulf Tobacco, Influencing Consumer Behavior and Providing Choice. Our approach is to Research target relevant Trends to Build Insights that will, ultimately, Shape Product Propositions. Helping realize these Concepts, our Research & Development team work with our Blenders and Technologists, Developing Innovations to Enhance the Experience and Ritual of Smoking.